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Thread: Turkey and...?

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    Re: Turkey and...?

    Ok, plans changed. Ended up going to Dad's for breakfast and then headed home to watch the Lions. Me and a buddy shared 1/2 a bottle of WT101 which was pretty darn good, nothing fancy but enjoyable for a day of football.

    Best regards, Tony

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    Re: Turkey and...?

    Before dinner below. After dinner included an impromptu whiskey seminar for interested relatives with small tastes of some of my open bottles including 4 different yeast 4Rs, 3 OWA SBs, 2 Willett SBs, 2 WLWs, PHC '12, Redbreast cask and Aberlour A'bunadh. They were fascinated and loved learning the differences between mashbills and single barrels.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Turkey and...?

    I had a good time with family and friends for Thanksgiving yesterday. After I got home from the festivities, (and after a little impromptu pre-Black Friday shopping on the way home ) I opened up a bottle of ER 101 and had a couple of healthy pours.

    Quote Originally Posted by scratchline View Post
    Haven't had an ER open in a LONG time. This is a Lawrenceburg bottle and my first thought on first sip was that this is one of the best whiskies ever put in wide production.
    Same here, except my bottle is a Frankfort. Thanks again Mike. The Eagle and The Turkey have landed.
    " I never met a Weller I didn't like"

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    Re: Turkey and...?

    Finished my last little bit of WT 12 split label before dinner. Been looking forward to that for some time. Now it's gone... sigh.

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    Turkey and...?

    I feel your pain; my wife and I each had one of the few remaining pours from a bottle of WT 8 year export. There are still a couple left but when they're gone it won't be a bottle that's easily replaced.

    Hope everyone's Thanksgiving was great.



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