Howdy all! I haven't been posting lately, but it's been about a year since the last whiskey tasting so I thought I'd plan another.

In addition to whiskey folks, I've invited Cincinnati beer folks as well.

The plan:

Saturday, January 5th starting around 4 pm going until midnight or so.

I'll arrange the tasting to compare similar products depending on what we have. I plan to try 4 rye whiskeys side-by-side with several breaks for food/water. My wife and I will have chicken tortilla soup as well as crockpot meatballs. We'd like people to bring a dish or some sort - rye whiskey related dishes would be even better. I've listed the ryes that I'll offer as well as the ones I'd like to see there. I'm requesting that everyone bring at least one bottle to share. I have a bunch of snifters, but if you'd like better whiskey glasses, please bring your own.

Ryes I have:
2012 Saz 18
WT 101
Rittenhouse BiB 100
HW Rendezvous (Barton 16 yr + 6 yr LDI)
Pendleton 1910 Canadian rye

Other ryes I'd like to see there:
Fleischman's Rye (Barton product; should be getting this from a WI friend)
Whistle Pig [$74]
Jefferson's 10 year [$25]
Baby Sazerac [$27]
BTAC Handy [$70]
Willett 4 year [$38]
Smooth Ambler Old Scout Rye [$38] - Scott K. will bring this
HW Double Rye [$34]
E.H. Taylor Rye [$68]
Knob Creek Rye [$35]

Only available in Canada (as far as I know) - one of the beer guys is working on these:
Alberta Premium (5, 25, or 30 year) [$22-50]
Alberta Spring [$22]
Lot 40 [$38]

Please let me know if you plan on coming, which whiskey you'll bring, and an idea of what type of dish you'll bring. Prices listed above are TPS prices or Canadian whiskey blog prices. (You're welcome to bring unlisted whiskey as well; just add them above - try to avoid a ton of similar aged LDI ryes though.) Also, we have a few places to crash in the house so let me know if you intend on staying overnight. I'll send PMs with my address and other information as the date draws nearer. Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving!