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Thread: Collecting

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    Okay, I admit it. Iím a collector. I donít drink bourbon or rye, but I have what many might consider a fair collection. Unfortunately, I have none of the old collectables (ok, maybe a few) but I have made a concerted effort to collect all of the current collectables (Van Winkles, BTAC, etc.) over the past 3 to 4 years. To be honest, I canít remember the last time I had a drink of bourbon or rye (scotch is another story), yet I feel compelled to collect all of the whiskeys that all so eagerly seek. Why do I collect do you ask? Itís simple, because I know itís a limited commodity and because I can. I collect because I may want a taste of something that is no longer available (or will no longer be available in the future) and I donít want to pay a bigger premium in the future or rely on anotherís generosity. That said, no bottle I own is sacrosanct and is available to any guest, but I would never sell a bottle that I own. I may be willing to trade in the future, but until the right time comes along, I am collecting Ė or is that hoarding. Any other collectors out there?

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    Re: Collecting

    Im sure that most of us are collectors, I know I certanly am!
    The thing with some of us is we cant help but crack some bottles.
    I have been a JD and WT collector for a fair while with about 250 bottles (most full) in the collection. This makes its quite hard to purchase drinkers, but I have about 12 bottles that are open from a variety of distillers.
    I love collecting but I love the whiskey just as much, and Ive realised that all whiskey is made for the enjoyment of the cosumer. Some of us enjoy the collecting side, but most enjoy the taste, and the good times that tend to go along with them. JMO

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    Re: Collecting

    I started off just wanting a full bar. Then I started researching what was "the best." When I hit bourbon it was like an entire universe had opened up. It started with my one and only Pappy (15yr from 2008). Since then I wanted to taste the best of the best. Then I realized that I lacked the connections to really buy a lot of these bottles so I started hoarding all I could. I knew the collectors were out there because the best were always gone but none of the people I hung around had even heard of them. Most everyone I know is scared to pay more than $25 for any one bottle of anything, so would never buy GTS or ORVW if they saw it.

    Then I started trying to buy two bottles at a time. One to drink and one to keep. The only exception was JPS18 and WLW where I have two spare bottles.

    I may or may not continue collecting. It's getting harder and harder as it is catching on. I have a small location that can get some hard-to-get bottles but he can't get much. For the spring release this year he only got Lot B, and that's it.

    I have to come to the realization that the collectors who had long established contacts may have finally won the race. I think they see the trend catching on and are now more fervent than ever to buy as much as they can. Here in Texas it's hard enough to break into the circle. Even after 4 years now I am a diamond in the rough to the small time and a blip on the radar to the big names.

    Regardless...my appreciation of the well crafted spirit will remain and I am thankful for the experiences I have had and the bottles I have acquired.
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    Re: Collecting

    I think that once I passed the 100 bottle mark I started thinking I was collecting. Most bottles that I have I do intend to drink at some point, but I seem to buy 4 for every one I drink. Maybe I need more friends.
    I think I realized I had a collecting problem when I went out and got a 2011 Saz 18, when I had one and a half bottles of the 2010. I knew it was vatted, and the same stuff but I needed to get the 2011 release, and I cant wait for the 2012. Or maybe it was when I bought the 2011 handy and have never opened the 2010 to know if I even like it. When did you realize that you have a collecting problem?

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    Re: Collecting

    Quote Originally Posted by onewman View Post
    I donít drink bourbon or rye, but I have what many might consider a fair collection.
    If you don't drink it, it's not a fair collection.
    "A man comes from the dust and in the dust he will end-- In the meantime it is good to drink whiskey."

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    Re: Collecting

    Quote Originally Posted by AaronWF View Post
    If you don't drink it, it's not a fair collection.

    I have only collected anything that I had a personal interest in. I do have a "bourbon collection" of bottles that may not get opened anytime soon, but I also have a bunker and a cabinet full of opens. The bunker is a lot bigger than the collecton and is for drinking. I have the collection and the bunker because I have a sincere interest in the product, the process, the history, the people, the consumption, and the overall experience and satisfaction. I can't understand why someone would bother otherwise

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    Re: Collecting

    I might be wrong, but I think this is a fair collection (not great but fair) whether I drink it or not:

    1792 Ridgemont Reserve, 46.85%
    Angelís Envy, 43.3%
    Bakerís 7 year old, 53.5%
    Basil Haydenís 8 year old, 40%
    Blantonís, 46.5%
    Bookerís, 63.45%
    Breckenridge, 43%
    Buffalo Trace, 45%
    Bulleit, 45%
    Colonel E. H. Taylor, Jr. Single Barrel, 50%
    Colonel E. H. Taylor, Jr. Warehouse C Tornado Surviving, 50%
    Eagle Rare 10 year old, 45%
    Eagle Rare Fall 2007, 45%
    Eagle Rare Fall 2008, 45%
    Eagle Rare Fall 2010, 45%
    Eagle Rare Fall 2011, 45%
    Elijah Craig 12 year old, 47%
    Elijah Craig 18 year old, 45%
    Elmer T. Lee, 45%
    Evan Williams Single Barrel 1998 Vintage, 43.3%
    Evan Williams Single Barrel 2000 Vintage, 43.3%
    Evan Williams Single Barrel 2001 Vintage, 43.3%
    Evan Williams Single Barrel 2002 Vintage, 43.3%
    Ezra B Single Barrel 12 year old, 49.5%
    Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition 2009, 57.8%
    Four Roses Single Barrel Limited Edition 2011, 54.5%
    Four Roses Single Barrel, 50%
    George T. Stagg, 70.7% (2009)
    George T. Stagg, 71.5% (2010)
    George T. Stagg 71.3% (2011)
    Jefferson Presidental Select 17 year old Bach No. 2, 47%
    Jefferson Presidental Select 17 year old Bach No. 4, 47%
    Knob Creek, 50%
    Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve, 60%
    Makerís Mark, 45%
    Makerís 46, 47%
    Michterís Signle Barrel 10 Year Old, 47.2%
    Noahís Mill, 57.15%
    Old Charter 10 year old, 43%
    Old Charter Proprietorís Reserve, 45%
    Old Forrester Birthday Bourbon 2003 (Spring 1990), 46.5%
    Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2004, 47%
    Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2006, 48%
    Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2007, 47%
    Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2008, 47%
    Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2010, 47.5%
    Old Forester Birthday Bourbon 2011, 49%
    Old Grand Dad 114 Barrel Proof, 57%
    Old Grand Dad 100 Proof Bottled in Bond, 50%
    Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year old, 45%
    Old Rip Van Winkle 10 year old, 53.5%
    Old Weller Antique, 53.5% (2)
    Pappy Van Winkleís Family Reserve 20 year old, 45.2%
    Pappy Van Winkleís Family Reserve 15 year old, 53.5%
    Rock Hill Farms,50%
    Rowanís Creek, 50.05%
    Russellís Reserve, 10 year old, 45%
    Sam Houston, 42.8%
    Van Winkle Special Reserve Lot B, 12 year old, 45.2%
    Vintage Bourbon 17 year old, 47%
    W. L. Weller 12 year old, 45%
    Wild Turkey, 50.5%
    Wild Turkey American Spirit, 50%
    Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit, 50.5%
    Wild Turkey Russellís Reserve 10 year old, 50.5%
    Willet, 47%
    William Larue Weller, 63.3% (2010)
    William Larue Weller, 66.75 (2011)
    Woodford Reserve Distillerís Select, 45.2%
    Woodford Reserve Masterís Collection 1838 Sweet Mask, 43.2%
    (ri)1, 46%
    Bulleit, 45%
    High West Double Rye!, 46%
    High West Rendezvous Rye, 46%
    Jeffersonís 10 year old, 47%
    Michterís Signle Barrel 10 year old, 46.4%
    Rittenhouse Rye 100 Proof Bottled in Bond, 50%
    Rittenhouse Very Rare 21 year old, 50%
    Redemption, 46%
    Russellís Reserve 6 years old, 45%
    Sazerac, 45%
    Sarerac 18 Year Old Fall 2007, 45%
    Sazerac 18 year old Fall 2008, 45%
    Sazerac 18 year old Fall 2009, 45%
    Sazerac 18 year old Fall 2010, 45%
    Sazerac 18 year old Fall 2011, 45%
    Thomas H. Handy, 63.75% (2008)
    Thomas H. Handy, 63.45% (2010)
    Thomas H. Handy, 64.3% (2011)
    Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye 13 year old, 47.8%
    WhistlePig, 50%
    Wild Turkey, 50.5%
    Willet 4 year old, 55%
    Willet 5 year old, 55%
    Palm Ridge Reserve Batch 14, 45%
    Stranahans, 47%
    Jack Danielís Gentelman Jack, 40%
    Jack Danielís Single Barrel, 47%
    George Dickel Barrel Select, 43%
    Bernheim, 45%
    Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash #1, 62.5%
    Buffalo Trace White Dog Rye Mash, 62.5%
    Buffalo Trace White Dog Wheated Mash, 57%
    High West Silver Whiskey Western Oat, 40%
    Low Gap Whiskey, 42.3%

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    Re: Collecting

    I too have a sincere interest in the product, the process, the history, the people, and the overall experience and satisfaction. I just choose not to consume at this time. I fully plan on opening and experiencing even bottle before my demise, but if I don't have them now, I know that I can't taste them later.
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    Re: Collecting

    I'm a collector, but most of the bottles are open. I can't wait to try them to see if it's a well priced gem that I need to bunker. I'm a bit different than most of you because my collection is tequila. I've never posted it anywhere before. I only post it now because of all of the questions that I've gotten from you good folks regarding tequila in the Non-Whiskey Forum and in chat last night. Here it is:

    1921 Blanco
    1921 Reposado
    30-30 Blanco
    30-30 Reposado
    3 Amigos Blanco
    3 Amigos Reposado
    4 Copas Blanco
    4 Copas Reposado
    4 Copas Anejo
    5150 Anejo
    Adan y Eva Reposado
    Agave Underground Anejo
    Aha Toro Reposado
    Aha Toro Anejo
    Alma Reposado
    Alquimia Reposado
    Alquimia Extra Anejo
    Amate Reposado
    Amate Anejo
    Ambhar Anejo
    Ancestra SB
    Anejo Ancestra Suave Reposado
    Antiguo Blanco
    Arette Reposado
    Atrenom Reposado
    Asom Broso Blanco
    Asom Broso Extra Anejo
    Avion Blanco
    Avion Reposado
    Avion Anejo
    Azunia Blanco
    Azunia Reposado
    Azunia Anejo
    Bandolon Anejo
    Bracero Anejo
    Buen Amigo Reposado
    Cabo Wabo Blanco
    Cabo Wabo Reposado
    Cabo Wabo Anejo
    Camarena Blanco
    Camarena (1.75) Reposado
    Campo Azul Reposado
    Casa Noble Blanco
    Casa Noble Reposado
    Casa Noble Anejo
    Casta Pasion Anejo
    Cava de Morales Blanco
    Cava de Oro Blanco
    Cavalino Reposado
    Cazadores Reposado
    Cazadores Anejo
    Centinela Anejo
    Centinela Reposado
    Certeza Reposado
    Cesar Monterrey Anejo
    Chamucos Reposado
    Chaya Blanco
    Chinaco Blanco
    Chinaco Reposado
    Chinaco Anejo
    Clase Azul Blanco
    Clase Azul Reposado
    Corazon Blanco
    Corazon Reposado
    Corralejo Blanco
    Corralejo Reposado
    Corralejo Anejo
    Corrido Blanco
    Corrido Reposado
    Corrido Anejo
    Corrido Extra Anejo
    Corzo Blanco
    Corzo Reposado
    Crotalo Reposado
    Crotalo Anejo
    Crotalo Extra Anejo
    D Los Altos Reposado
    D Los Altos Anejo
    Don Abraham Anejo
    Don Agustin Blanco
    Don Alvaro Blanco
    Don Alvaro Anejo
    Don Camilo (1.75) Anejo
    Don Celso Reposado
    Don Cosme Reposado
    Don Cosme Anejo
    Don Eduardo Blanco
    Don Fernando Reposado
    Don Julio Anejo
    Don Julio Reposado
    Don Julio Blanco
    Don Julio 1942 Extra Anejo
    Don Julio 70th Anejo
    Don Nacho Reposado
    Don Pilar Anejo
    Don Ramon Anejo
    Dos Lunas Blanco
    Dos Lunas Reposado
    Dos Lunas Anejo
    Dos Manos Anejo
    El Agave Atresenal Anejo
    El Amo Reposado
    El Caballo Estrella Anejo
    El Charro Blanco
    El Charro Reposado
    El Charro Anejo
    El Destilador Blanco
    El Destilador Reposado
    El Fogonero Anejo
    El Jimador Reposado
    El Jimador Anejo
    El Mayor Reposado
    El Mayor Anejo
    El Tesoro Blanco
    El Tesoro Anejo
    El Reformador Blanco
    El Reformador Reposado
    El Reformador Anejo
    El Viejo Luis Blanco
    El Viejo Luis Reposado
    Espolon Blanco
    Espolon Reposado
    Fina Estampa Blanco
    Fina Estampa Reposado
    Fina Estampa Anejo
    Fortaleza Blanco
    Fortaleza Reposado
    Fortaleza Anejo
    Gran Centenario Reposado
    Gran Centenario Anejo
    Grand Mayan Extra Anejo
    Grillos Reposado
    Hacienda Sotol Reposado
    Hacienda Sotol Anejo
    Herencia Mexicana Blanco
    Herradura Blanco
    Herradura Reposado
    Honorable Reposado
    Hussongs Reposado
    JLP President's Blanco
    JLP President's Reposado
    JLP President's Anejo
    Jose Curevo Reserva Extra Anejo
    Jose Curevo Reserva Blanco
    KAH Blanco
    KAH Reposado
    KAH Anejo
    Karma Blanco
    Kirkland Blanco
    Kirkland Anejo
    Ley .925 Anejo
    Ley .925 Extra Anejo
    Los Azulejos Reposado
    Maestro Dobel Reposado
    Magave Anejo
    Marquez de Valencia Reposado
    Milagro Blanco
    Milagro Reposado
    Milagro Anejo
    Milagro Select Barrel Reposado
    Mi Tierra Reposado
    Mi Tierra Anejo
    Muchote Reposado
    Ocho Blanco
    Ocho Anejo
    Olvidio Reposado
    Orgullo Anejo
    Oro Azul Reposado
    Paqui Blanco
    Paqui Reposado
    Partida Anejo
    Patron Blanco
    Patron Reposado
    Patron Anejo
    Patron Platino
    Peligroso Anejo
    Penacho Azteca Blanco
    Penacho Azteca Reposado
    Penacho Azteca Anejo
    Penacho Azteca Extra Anejo
    Penca Azul Anejo
    Porfidio Blanco
    Porfidio Anejo
    Puerto Vallarta Anejo
    Pueblo Viejo Reposado
    Pura Sangre Reposado
    Pura Vida Blanco
    Pura Vida Reposado
    Pura Vida Anejo
    Puro Verde Reposado
    Regional Anejo
    Republic Blanco
    Republic Anejo
    Reserva de Mexico Reposado
    Reserva de Mexico Anejo
    Reserva del Senor Reposado
    Revolucion Blanco
    Riazul Anejo
    Sauza Tres Gen. Anejo
    Seis Hermanas Blanco
    Seis Hermanas Anejo
    Siembra Azul Reposado
    Siete Leguas Blanco
    Siete Leguas Reposado
    Siete Leguas Anejo
    Sol de Mexico Anejo
    T1 Estelar Anejo
    Tenampa Azul Blanco
    Tenampa Azul Reposado
    Tenoch Reposado
    Tequileno Reposado
    Tequileno Anejo
    Tezon Reposado
    Tierras Blanco
    Tierras Anejo
    Tonala Anejo
    Tonala 4 yr Extra Anejo
    Toro de Lidia Blanco
    Toro de Lidia Reposado
    Toro de Lidia Anejo
    Toro de Lidia Extra Anejo
    Trago Blanco
    Trago Reposado
    Trago Anejo
    Tres Agaves Blanco
    Tres Agaves Anejo
    Tres Mujeres Reposado
    Ultimo (1.75) Reposado
    Ultimo Anejo
    Viva Mexico Blanco
    Viva Mexico Reposado
    Viva Mexico Anejo
    Volcan De Mi Tierra Anejo
    VooDoo Tiki Reposado
    Z - Pepe Zevada Anejo

    There's probably 15-20 empty bottles not listed. Plenty of crap that I drank when I didn't know the good stuff was out there.

    It's fun to collect because of the hunt. It's more fun to share with friends the stuff that you can introduce them to. If you have questions about anything on this list, ask away (probably in PM or Tequila Forum...I don't want to totally hijack a thread).
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    Re: Collecting

    Great to see another collector - I started collecting tequila also, but it got very expensive, very quickly as I am somewhat of a completist and had to have the blanco, reposed and anejo of each variation. I have collected some and continue to collect a few, but these are not on my hit list.



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