I see from another post that Whiskey magazine may be doing a story on collectors. I too would like to do a story on collectors for The Bourbon Country Reader.

For my purposes, if in your home now there are ten or more whiskey bottles that still have whiskey in them, you are a collector.

We all know I collect only empty bottles, with is more a matter of inevitability than design. Actually, that's not entirely true. I have a few bottles of Old Taylor made at Old Taylor in its final season, a few bottles of Michter's, and a few of pre-Heaven Hill Henry McKenna, but that is the extent of my full bottles collection.

I have the following questions for collectors. Feel free to answer in private or public, as you prefer.

1. Do you collect other things? Do you think you have a collector personality? What sort of satisfaction do you find in collecting? How does collecting whiskey differ from other kinds of collecting?

2. How were most of your holdings acquired: (a) retail purchase, (b) purchase or trade with another collector, (c) purchase from private individuals who are not themselves collectors, (d) gifts or inheritance, (e) liquor store heists.

3. What is the exact scope of your collection? (e.g., all whiskies, all distilled spirits, all American Whiskies, novel packaging, etc.)

4. Your collection's statistics: How many bottles total? How many unique bottles? How many unopened bottles?

5. If there were a marketplace where you could trade with and buy from other collectors, would you use it?

6. Is there anything else about your collection that you think is unusual or interesting?

Finally, let me know if you are willing to have your name used or if you would prefer to remain anonymous.

--Chuck Cowdery