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    Central New York

    Hello from central New York

    Wanted to introduce myself, as a new member. Friends call me Andrew and I'm from central New York where I work in a liquor store (which in NY means we sell wine and spirits, but not beer). I'm an equal opportunity alcohol consumer, meaning I split my drinking time, fairly equally, between wine, beer, and, more recently, whiskey. Wine lovers can often describe that one bottle that got them hooked on wine (In my case, a 2008 Ridge Lytton Springs). For whiskey, High West Double Rye! pulled me into the hobby, three or four months ago. Prior to purchasing the Double Rye!, I kept a bottle of OGD100 and a Glenmorangie Astar (an employee special price) around, but didn't partake very often. Nowadays, I'm digging rye whiskies and high rye bourbons and I've bought half a dozen bottles in the past month.

    As I type this post, I'm drinking some WT Rye 101 (found a stash in a store two towns over) from my Finger Lakes Distilling glen cairn. Good times! In closing, I'm glad to be here and I look forward to participating in the forum.


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    Re: Hello from central New York

    Welcome fellow Central New Yorker!

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    Re: Hello from central New York

    Good Day Andrew and welcome from Michigan.

    Best regards, Tony

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    Re: Hello from central New York

    Welcome from a former Central New Yorker.

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    Re: Hello from central New York

    Welcome again from a reformed CNY-ER. I'm from the 'cuse which I've always said is a good place to be "from". It is a beautiful part of the country but it only has two seasons. Winter and fourth of July.
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