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    Re: Anyone heard of or tried Winchester Bourbon?

    Winchester Bourbon is an example of what I'm going to start referring to as an engineered spirit as there is a now growing "shortcut" industry for aged product.

    This particular bottle is sold by Terressentia under their TerrePURE brand. You can Google their name for details, but they say that they can produce a fully aged spirit in less time using new technology.

    There is a COLA online for it under ID 12107001000247

    There's another player in the game here in my area called Cleveland Whiskey. There are earlier threads here about their efforts, but they are due to release their first bottling soon. The owner of the joint has already reached out to some of the more reputable chefs in the area to get his product placed on release.

    Please join me in welcoming the distilling alchemists to the game of aged spirits.
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