I had always considered to be a scotch drinker, and until a couple of years ago, had not had much in the way of bourbon. However, I attended a conference in Lexington back in 2010, I shared a number of bourbons with an old Kentucky gentleman of my acquaintance (a retired professor from UK). The hotel bar was quite naturally stocked with quite a few bourbons, and I had a number of them. My friend was partial to Maker's Mark.

Since then, I have fallen hard for bourbon. I have found that over time, I reach for one of my bottles of scotch less and less frequently, and will go for a bourbon instead. I have also discovered that I have a fondness for ryes as well. An added bonus is that high end bourbons are still at the same price point as mid-range scotches. I am building a decent collection of bourbons and ryes, which is highlighted by half a dozen different bottles from the BTAC (WLW, GTS, and THH).

My other passions are watching my favorite football teams (the LSU Tigers and the New Orleans Saints), and cooking on my Big Green Egg.

Looking forward to talking about whiskey with some fellow enthusiasts!