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    Re: New Jim Beam Book

    That's great You will find my family of Beam's in this book. Jo Ann Beam, my aunt, Joseph L. Beam was my greatgrandfather

    Keep tabs on this forum, our very own "Chuck Cowdery" is about to finish and release his book on bourbon

    Click here Chuck Cowdery to learn more about Bourbon

    Bettye Jo

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    Re: New Jim Beam Book

    By the way, the same publisher that did the Jim Beam book is also coming out with a Jack Daniel's book. Wiley is a business books publisher and although it's not stated in either case, it's pretty clear both books have a "relationship" with their subject companies.

    I hope to have my book out shortly and one thing I can guarantee is genuine independence. It's not being subsidized by anybody, damn it.

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    Re: New Jim Beam Book

    Well, my book arrived last week.
    I am only up to the 2nd chapter, but initial impressions are that this is a great read!

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    Re: New Jim Beam Book

    I just read about the JD book today. I have the JB book but haven't cracked it, yet. (Still finishing up a history of Elizabeth Cady Stanton I started for Women's History Month.) Good for you, Chuck, for staying strong! Look forward to it!



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