I have some WSR from the early '80's that is is full of that unique SW smell and taste. While pleasant and enjoyable, it is not my favorite bottle from the current stash.

I decided to vat small amounts of WSR with current Weller 12 and Old Weller Antique. I picked up a bitter note with the WSR-W12 blend that was not noticeable in WSR or W12 individually. The WSR and OWA are a very nice combo so far. A 1:4 ratio of the old WSR to the current Wellers is enough to dramatically change the taste.

I mixed and tried these last night and will let them sit for a week or so to see how they change with a little time. Ultimately I will vat some SB blend plus enough WLW to up the proof to the 105-107 range. I'm hoping that adding some of the old WSR will provide taste like older Pappy 15s, that's been missing for several years.

Has anyone else tried vatting SW Wellers with current versions? What were your results?