I'd love to see this thread become a roundtable for our thoughts on Wheaters. Many of us love them, some are indifferent, and some hate.

The main reason I started this thread was the mouthfeel difference I get from HH Wheaters vs. all others. I was tasting Larceny, and it had the high-toned spice notes that I get from all HH products. Regardless of mashbill, HH never gives me the fatter mouthfeel I get from certain products, except for the occasional rare product like PHC Wheater.

After the Larceny, I revisited current Old Fitz 12, and got the same profile. Then I went to Weller 12 and MM, and there I got that fat, buttery mouthfeel I associate with Wheaters.

Josh's Tree(Which should be a sticky!) lists MM as 70/16/14. Further down the tree he says that Bernheim wheater was listed as 75/20/5. As I understand it, Samuels got both the recipe AND yeast from Pappy. I assume BT is using the same recipe as S-W, but what about yeast? As for HH, I was also under the assumption that they also got the same mashbill that Old Fitz had always been, but what about yeast?

The reason I raise these questions is why the variation in mouthfeel between HH Wheaters, and all others? Is it a question of the house style or recipe? Maybe the Beam boys simply blend to a different profile, and have never felt comfortable with the classic Wheater taste? Yet they made the PHC Wheater, which was extraordinary.

Let's discuss, if anyone cares to.