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Thread: Wheaters

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    Re: Wheaters

    However they do it is fine with me so long as they keep producing good whisky at a good price.

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    Re: Wheaters

    Parker Beam related to Mike Veach back in 2006, as detailed in a thread on BE, that he likes high proof whiskey coming out of the barrel and 125 is the proof it enters the barrel. As to distilling proof at HH, I seem to recall hearing 138 proof but that is a vague memory. Jim Rutledge has mentioned that only one major distiller does distill out at close to 160 proof and by process of elimination I'll assume that is Woodford and not HH.


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    Re: Wheaters

    Woodford/Brown Forman distill somewhere in the 158-159 proof range, if I remember correctly.

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    Re: Wheaters

    5% malt will convert all of the strach, if not in the cooker, then in the fermenter. I did not look at the new mashbill on the tree. But it i my experience that if you lower the corn content you get less of that fat mouthfeel.

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    Re: Wheaters

    I didn't find the Larceny profile to be much different than the PHC wheater. I thought it tasted like the PHC blendend with some younger barrels and some water, which in my opinion, didn't hurt the flavor, but it brought down the price. If you only want to drink 10yr old Bourbon that's barrel proof, be my guest, but it won't be easy these days... come to think of it, I have at least 7 bottles in my collection out of about 25 that fit that description. Shows what I know.

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    Re: Wheaters

    I just recently started trying wheaters and here's my ranking:

    1. OWA TPS selected. I've just cracked the bottle and had 1 pour and it's my instant favorite - I'll have another.
    2. Larceny. Too hot upfront, but the sweetness and depth win me over eventually.
    3. Weller 12. I don't like this much yet (2 pours), but the dominant wood reminds me of some dusties.
    4. Maker's Mark. Absolutely nothing offensive here, but not much else to commend.

    Overall, I believe ryed bourbons are more in my wheelhouse, but I'm leaving the door open.

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    Re: Wheaters

    Quote Originally Posted by squire View Post
    If given a choice I always choose proof over age.
    i agree. yet, if you say that to people, they instantly think you just do shooters and aim to get tanked



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