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    Re: Local malt shortages?

    Wow, $40 -- a steal! The store where I work sold one that had been on the shelf awhile for $60 a couple of months back (we don't have a big Scotch clientele, so we only stock one or two of most single-malt items). It took a couple of months for the distributor to come up with a replacement -- at $75 retail. That one sold, too. Now we're told there is no time frame for another replacement, if ever.

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    Re: Local malt shortages?

    Well, Macallan 15 is gone. Macallan 18 no longer has the
    vintage year stated. Ardbeg 17 , gone. All due to the
    economic conditions of the early to mid 80's. The
    distilleries certainly underestimated the future demand,
    but most likely were strapped for cash and unable to risk overproduction.
    Now they are being replaced by the cask strengths,with no age statement,and other specialty vintages.Just look at the Macallans, Aberlours, Bruichladdichs, Glenlivets, etc.

    There are numerous independent bottlers that have some interesting products. Murray-Mcdavid and Compass Box are two that produce some nice single malts amd vatted
    whiskies, respectively.



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