I stumbled into bourbon 6-8 months ago and have been keeping my liquor stores busy.

I'm a huge beer geek and kept trying to get into scotch, but hated spending $50+ (or ~$.50/yr for a pour) to get something I actually enjoyed drinking more than a couple ounces of in a sitting.

I was turned on to bourbon as an event bartender trying to make cocktails out of random liquor selections and extremely limited mixers. I enjoyed the Maker's and the Woodford reserve and then a guy "made" me sample the Booker's he brought in and I was hooked. Then I had a friend introduce me to Buffalo Trace and Blanton's.

So, for the past 6 months I've been buying a bottle of bourbon about few weeks and having a couple pours well, very regularly. I committed to spending no more than $40/bottle until I got a handle on bourbon as a whole.

Bulleit Rye
Black Maple Hill (my wife cooked probably 1/3 of the bottle into meat (because she loved the smell), though I found it too sweet for my tastes.
Old Forester 100 (killed the bottle in a week, with a little help)
George Dickel #12 made it 1 night around a campfire.
Maker's Mark
Woodford Reserve
Knob Creek
Wild Turkey Rye
Evan Williams
Evan Williams single barrel (definitely prefer the single barrel).
Old Overholt Rye (honestly way better than the price suggests)
Old Heaven Hill BIB (bought to pass around but the wussy boys at the bachelor party preferred their Boone's Farm, Bud Light Limearitas, and Mich Golden Light)
Old Grand-dad and Old Grand-dad 114 (woof. Something tastes seriously off in these)
George Dickel #8 (what I'd always wanted from Jack, but now I couldn't stand to pour coke over it)

I've also sampled these at the bar:
Four Roses trio (Yellow, Small batch, single barrel - preference for the small batch)
Jim Beam bottom-shelf trio (White, Black, Rye)
Basil Hayden's
Booker's (just: wow)
Jefferson's Reserve
Sazerac Rye
Ancient Age
Wild Turkey 101
Eagle Rare 10yr

Then, a couple weeks ago, I found Templeton Rye at the liquor store. Based on the mystique, I had to break my $40 commitment and splurge (to $50). I'll definitely be repeating that splurge, wow!

So, what am I missing in my introduction? Most of these were sort of unintentional (I just picked something I hadn't had).