Fleischman's Rye is a northeastern Wisconsin-only product. If you drive to the Green Bay game, you might find some on the way. I would avoid MGM in general because they are over priced. I've seen Templeton at $40 to $45 around. PM me if interested. Bulleit and Templeton probably don't taste the same, but they come from the same source, as do the young Willett ryes, which are generally 110 proof and in the $30 to $40 range. What was it about the Templeton that you liked?

Something that you might try that's only available around here is Very Old Heaven Hill 8 year old, 86 proof. It's about $10 for a liter and while it varies a bit, it can be pretty good... at worst, it makes a great mixer.

Welcome, by the way.

P.S. where do you find Dickel #8? I can only ever find the #12 and Barrel Select.