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Look, assuming you paid close to MSRP for the PVW23, and you trade it for VWFRR and ORVW 10/107, you still end up overpaying by about a factor of two. I've had both of these and they are great but hardly worth $250 in my opinion. The smart play would be to trade your overvalued PVW23 for something that's not overvalued. For instance, a 25 or 30 year old single malt. Or multiple cases of whatever value bourbon tickles you... if it was me it would be OGD114, but VOB and Mellow Corn are worthy suggestions, too.

Or, barring that, 5 JPS18s. At least then you're only overpaying by 25%.

Seriously, Macallan 25 is the best and most "equitable" trade you can do with a PVW23. Mac25 actually has a MSRP of $600+ and is much more impressive to have on your top shelf vs. some $250 bottle that's been hyped up to be worth $600+.