So I went by to get my 1 allocated bottle of Pappy 15, and the clerk asked me...."do you want any of the Pappy 12 year old?". Since I had never heard of this, I said sure. He produced two bottles of Lot B. Having never tried it, I took the plunge. Its excellent stuff IMHO! Better than ORVW 90 for sure, and more refined and better integrated in the char/sweetness balance to my palate than Weller 12. But since I've only seen it mentioned around here a couple of times next to the Weller's, Pappys, and ORVW's, I have to ask the question...what sort of niche are they trying to fill with this product? Is this supposed to be some sort of intermediate product between the ORVW and Pappy markets?

The shop I was in just happened to have these available among their reserved van Winkle products. The clerk said that no one had reserved these, and I just happened to be there at the right place and right time. I think this stuff is great, just besting Weller 12 by a whisker as my favorite wheater that isn't a Pappy 15 or JPS18. But is the point of this product to be some intermediate range between ORVW and Pappy? Given the price (nearly $50), it isn't that much better than the Weller 12 to justify being twice the price, IMHO.

What sayest thou?