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    Re: Armagnac recommendations?

    I've enjoyed Armagnac occasionally but took home my first bottle, 25 year Delord, with incentive from today's 15% off Binny's coupon and a quick telephone consult with Lost Pollito. A fine pour, less sweet than many brandy's and quite spicy, almost hot cinnamon at the end. Actually outstanding and a terrific price. But just like other renowned barrel aged spirits I enjoy, damn if they also always confirm...my love for bourbon .


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    Re: Armagnac recommendations?

    Popped a bottle of regular Courvoisier the other day to change up the pace. Really enjoyed it and started to research cognacs. Stumbled across this thread and decided to pick up the Delord 25. Good lord so good.

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    Re: Armagnac recommendations?

    What can anyone tell me about the Germain-Robin Old Havana? Whiskey bored, as there's not much out there currently, and this was on close out. Read some good things about it, but was hoping to get some opinions here.
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