Glad to see this come up in the tastings here. I had been meaning to get a chance to sit down with the JPS

I have a JPS 17 batch 4 and thought it an idea to sip a glass with some others for comparison. I had my sweetie set up a blind tasting with the newer wheater Vintage 17, a dsp-ky-78 Noahs Mill, An ORVW 10 yr 107 prf Lawrenceburg I had kickin' around from the late 90's; and a recent OWA. All were down near half in the bottles- the obvious difference being time open.

In the blind taste, it turned out the Rip 10 was a clear favorite in all respects, with a full rich vanilla and caramel toffee nose with a full flavor and body to match. The JPS was a close second and similar in character, tho a bit more subdued by comparison- possibly given the lower proof as I added no water to any of the contenders. The Noahs Mill was a not too far behind third.- The surprise for me was the Vintage 17 wheater, which I had always respected; in this crowd it showed evidence of an odd soapiness maybe lavander-like in the nose and palate which seemed a little strange at the time. The OWA was outclassed at this point, and came off rather thin in nose and flavor with a fair amount of heat.

About an hour later the tastes were checked again. These are all now still quite tasty and the OWA had improved and seemed it would be just fine with a splash of water or ice, drinking for 'recreational purposes . The soapy note off the Vintage 17 had dissipated as well, and the OWA had increased fullness and less heat apparent. The ORVW 10 still pretty much led the way and was indeed the pleasure of the evening, while the JPS I thought was the better of the group considering it is still somewhat of an available pour- tho harder to find all the time.