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If the highest I would ever pay for a PVW15 at a bar is $15, then I should also be willing to pay up to ~$190/bottle - given each 750ml bottle has a little over twelve 2oz servings. This obviously does not take into account all types of factors (like gratuity, opportunity costs of buying other bottles, the value of being in a bar atmosphere with friends, how drunk you were at the time of purchase, etc.) but you get my point.
I do consider this when ordering drinks at a bar or deciding to buy a bottle, but as you disclaim, it's not an even comparison. My formula is basically:

((Most I would pay for 2oz at a bar/restaurant under normal circumstances) x 12.5) / 2 = Most I will pay for a bottle

In this case, I'm with you on the max $15 for a pour of PVW15 at a bar. Dividing by two is the "service and atmosphere" factor. So the most I would pay for a bottle of PVW15 is $93.75. I passed on it yesterday for $99, but I didn't break out the calculator; I just knew that was more than I thought it was worth. I now know why the old fogies around here feel like, as it was usually $60 - $80 in the past releases.

Apparently the distributor round these parts (Republic) decided to hike their VW prices by 50% this year, and the retailers have responded in kind.