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Thread: Christmas Gifts

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    Re: Christmas Gifts

    Quote Originally Posted by MauiSon View Post
    Well, I was choosing between Fighting Cock (recipient has fighting cocks), FRSmB and FR1B - all unavailable in Hawaii. I chose the FRSmB when I heard the recipient was a Jonny Walker Black drinker, figuring it would be the smoothest of the bunch.
    Just FYI, I saw a bottle of FC at the Ewa Pantry last night. Didn't look at the price I because I was looking for something else but it did catch my eye.
    Peggy: Look Al, the rubes think I'm sexy!
    Al: So would I if I had whiskey for breakfast.

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    Re: Christmas Gifts

    Sounds like a Fighting Cock sorta guy.

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    Re: Christmas Gifts

    Had to run over and see - yup, $24 for FC103 - darn it! At least I will be able to try the FRSmB without opening one of my remaining two.



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