So I've actually been on the board for a while, soaking up the collective wisdom and experience, but I'm not much of a poster. However, I noticed in another thread that folks were pretty adamant about taking a minute to post a hello in here. So with that, "hello!"

I'm whiskey fan in general, but bourbons are especially tasty. Aside from bourbons, I usually find myself reaching for a rye or the occasional scotch. I like bourbons partially because of their storied histories, and partially because I find myself seeking out anything that requires craftsmanship in its production. I also have an overwhelming needs to "try all the things".

I'm also a bit of a dusty hunter, but nothing too intense there. I got into dusty hunting because a friend once offered me a taste of Lot 40, which I thought was amazing. Only later did I find out that it hadn't been produced in ages. That's how it started, but I think that finding and trying my first dusty bottle of OWA is what really made me decide this is a hobby that's worth the time.