So I popped in to a local liquor store the other day, and the owner pointed me to his stack of Aberfeldy 21. He has it marked down from $159 to just $59. I was curious about why, and he said he thought they were planning to stop distributing to TX. I called around a little and found that lots of TX stores had slashed the price on it. Apparently it was as low as $39.99 at some of the Spec's locations, but they're all sold out. However, the other major chain in my area, Twin Liquors, was still selling it at $155.

So does anyone know anything about why they're leaving the TX market, or if that's even true?

Anyway, if you live in or close to TX, and this is your sort of whisky, you might want to call around and see if you can snap up a bottle on the cheap.