I have a hunch that many bunkers will be bolstered after this year's festival. Whether board members travel to Bardstown or not, I bet the energy and talk re: the festival will boost the bourbon inventory of bunkers all 'round.

I have no intention of turning this poll into a beauty contest, so no bragging, please. Keep your numbers to yourself. I'm just interested in learning how many different bourbons we board members keep in the bunker and whether our bunkers will be substantially enhanced after the festival.

To assess this theory, please post the the number of different bourbons in your bunker.

Judging from the number of bourbons in a few of the "show us your stash" pics on this board and a few of the Japanese bourbon bar inventories I've seen posted on the Internet, I would estimate that it is possible to bunker two or even three hundred different bourbons in one's bunker.

Some ground rules, so as to make our posts more parallel:

1) Count only straight bourbons: Tennessee whiskies, blended whiskies, or anything anything else that isn't STRAIGHT BOURBON should NOT be counted (anyone not comfortable with this restriction should look at their browser address window NOW);

2) The principle here is to assess the number of different bourbons in the bunker--not the number of different bottles, labels, or wax seals. Cosmetic differences don't count. Consequently, differences in labels, bottles, or wax colors do not matter; they still count as only ONE bourbon;

For example, no matter how different Makers Mark bottles are in your bunker, the maximum number that you should include in the poll is 3 (the 90, 95, and 101 proof bottlings). As another example, the ugly black label, tall bottle variant of Elmer T. Lee S.B. and the new, clear label Elmer T. Lee S.B. bottling, count as only 1 bourbon in the bunker. Similarly, the two different A.H. Hirsch 16 yo labels, or the two different W.T. Rare Breed labels, count as but 1 bourbon. By contrast, if you have a 1990, 1993, and Millennium EWSB in the bunker, that should be counted as 3 different bourbons); and

3) Multiple bottles of the same bourbon count as 1 bourbon in the poll. (No matter how many bottles of Stagg you bunkered away, they count as 1 bourbon in the poll.)

After the festival, let's redo the poll!!