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Kinda like my wife!
Welcome to SB and no need to apologize for being a switch hitter. There are lots of us single malt scotch/bourbon characters here and all we need is more time to drink them both. It's all good!
Yeah, I have a feeling my taste buds will continue to change over time but at this point scotch > bourbon for me... but that hardly means I don't enjoy a tasty bourbon

I looked in Canon.. holy crap, 57 page drink menu? The fact that they have scotchs I've never heard of is quite impressive (I read a lot) and I know about half the bourbons. They even have a bottle of Balvenie Tun 1401 batch 3, there were only 1800 of those produced! Now I just need to find an extra ~$1k in my couch cushions and I could possible afford to drink there