Hey everyone,

I'm really excited to join straightbourbon.com, I am not sure why I didn't earlier.

I'm a relatively new bourbon drinker from the west side of Los Angeles in my mid 20s. I drank jack n coke in college for years and after graduating read an article that got me to try Buffalo Trace, and it has been one big effort to try more and more whiskey.

I really like the brands from Buffalo Trace, specifically the main label and Weller line (getting through a bottle of the 12 year right now and I wish I had tried it sooner) as well as Four Roses. I also have become hooked on dusty hunting (currently trying to figure out the origin of a 4/5 quart of JW dant that mysteriously says it was distilled in California and Indiana) and whiskey/bourbon topics in general.

My friends and girlfriend have started rolling their eyes when I talk whiskey so I wanted to sign up for the forum to talk to other similarly crazed individuals who love the great American product.


Matt in LA