JAPAN: Four Roses to return to US market
15 Aug 2003
Source: just-drinks.com

The US market is to see the return of the Four Roses Kentucky Straight Bourbon brand after a 45-year absence, according to Japanese press reports.

The brand, which is now owned by Japan's Kirin, after Diageo sold it following the Seagram acquisition, has not been sold in the US since 1959. It had been a top seller.

Four Roses, under Seagram's ownership, became an export product. Four Roses is now sold mainly in Japan, France, and Spain.

According to the report, Kirin will partner with Southern Wine and Spirits of America Inc., a distributor and wholesaler of alcoholic beverages, to market the Bourbon in Kentucky.
I suspect bad reporting, but the last line of this story suggests it will be sold only in Kentucky, which it already is. I expect we'll get more, better information soon.