Hi SB Nation,

I have a random question today, one I never really thought I would have to ask, hoping I can get some wisdom from the sages.

I recently lucked into 2 gallons of Old Fitz from the 60's (yay!) but I am going to have to transport them across the country after I pick them up....and I am worried about how I'm going to do it.

A gallon sized bottle is so big, it's actually 5 full 750ml bottles in one, and the last thing I want is for an entire gallon bottle of SW juice to break in my luggage and ruin everything in it and probably a couple of the suitcases nearby as well, so I am thinking about "decanting/re-bottling" it into 5 separate 750ml bottles and shipping it as a case of "wine" back with me.

The question: if I open a dusty and move the juice to 750ml bottles and close them right away, how long will they keep before oxidation starts to degrade the juice inside? I thought if I bottled and then left it sealed with a good cork or maybe even sanitized 750ml wine bottles with screw tops that they would be ok for at least a couple of years, right? Could they last for 5 years? 10? With a score of this magnitude, I'd like to be able to trot out a new bottle of Fitz every couple of years, but I know that I can't leave it all in a gallon bottle, cuz every time I open it to pour some out, it'll oxidize like crazy with all that air space in the bottle...ya know?

Any advice is greatly appreciated, I gotta save my SW!