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    Re: How long do I have if I "re-bottle" whiskey before oxidation starts damaging it?

    Quote Originally Posted by Trey Manthey View Post
    As long as the cap seals well and you leave it closed, once the air in the bottle has reacted with the bourbon, there should be very little change (if any) over several years time.

    If you find that you have too much, I would be happy to "share the load." Like Samwise and Frodo taking the Ring to Mordor.
    Trey, I greatly appreciate your willingness to help me carry this heavy burden

    I'm going to get a case of screw top 750mls, and rebottle it in OR, create custom "sourced by" labels and slowly doll it out over the next couple of years. I will take that pic of me drinkin' straight from the gallon bottle tho!

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    Re: How long do I have if I "re-bottle" whiskey before oxidation starts damaging it?

    Bottles can break in flight, I've seen it happen, but that's not the problem. Once the gallon is divided up no matter how tightly you twist down the tops on the 750s they are now legally open containers and shipping an open container of flammable liquid on an airline causes some serious problems not the least of which is seizure. You may, however, legally transport them locked in the trunk of your vehicle, just don't have one within reach.

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    Re: How long do I have if I "re-bottle" whiskey before oxidation starts damaging it?

    Well, you could always rent a car and drive instead of flying. There are motorcyclists who relish the coast-to-coast FL-CA ride in 50 hours or less (http://www.ironbutt.com)!

    Not cheap, but what a classic roadtrip opportunity! Some things are just that important in life!



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