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    Big Find - Someone School Me - Opinions accepted

    I stopped into a shop today in CA and I found a lot of bottles that I thought were rare and highly rated bottles from what I could recall on reading/researching on this site. I will be honest that I was very overwhelmed trying to remember which bottles are highly rated and which bottles are rare and which are worth picking up on the spot(if at all).

    I did pick up a WT rare breed with the original label batch number W-T-03-95 because I knew I would enjoy it.

    These following bottles are what caught my eye and this wasn't even half of what I saw, EDIT: Most are priced $15-20 above retail from what I can recall

    2010 WLW
    2010 THH x2
    2009 THH x2
    four roses 2011 LE x3
    four roses mariage (cant remember, 2008 I think)
    four roses 100th anniversary bottle
    Vintage 23 x2
    Vintage 21 x2
    Hirsch Special Reserve American Whiskey 20 year
    Willet Bourbon (every single barrel year x10 or more each)
    Parkers Heritage 27 year
    Old Forester Birthday Bourbons (unknown years - to many to count)
    Old Fitzgerald 1849 x2
    Elijiah Craig 20 year x4
    and more that I cant remember.

    I have researched a lot of these over the past couple months but was surprised to see so many of them in one place. What would your first bottles chosen be. Obviously the one time release bottles will be the hardest to come by again, what would you all have done?
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