To the OP I can only tell you what I would do and that's based on having the ability to purchase some higher end bottles without it causing financial stress, and the fact that I'm hunting for certain things I don't have. For me, I'd go for the PHC 27 because I'm still missing the 1st and 2nd edition PHCs from my collection, the V21, a WLW 2010 and one or two of those FR Mariages.

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These would get first booking, then maybe in moments of weakness I would pick off the rest over time if the store was convenient to get to.
Ha ha ha, this sounds exactly like what I would do.

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I was in a similar situation, I was in a store here in NY buying the PHC 2012 for a big mark-up, $130 I'm embarrassed to say.
Man, I've done this on several items I have, and I'm not even man enough to give the prices I paid. I'll just say that I have overpaid for most of my BTAC, the 2 ORVW 107s (only 2 I've ever seen in the wild) and a couple of other items. For me though, I've been hunting BTAC for over a year and have only ran into it a handful of times, so it's kinda worked out as it's either overpay or just don't get it period. I do love those rare times I actually find a good deal though. Such as this place where I got the ORVW. They had that marked way up, and then had a lone Sazerac 18 sitting there at $69.99. I just about pooped my pants right on the spot...and then I bought it.