Hey SBers. It's good to finally be a member. I'd like to thank everyone for all the wonderful information that's been provided and will continue to be provided on this site. For a relative newcomer to the whiskey scene, it's great to have such a rich source of knowledge to simplify my education.

Since I've only just arrived to SB, I was curious if any other Chicago-area members would be interested in a get-together after the new year? I would like the chance to meet you all and share a glass or two.

Also, a poll. I've always been curious about the interests of SBers. Are most members purely bourbon fans? American whiskeys? Spirits in general? Cocktails? Alcohol? Liquids? I wonder because I stock (and enjoy) all categories of liquor in my bar and appreciate the art of mixing cocktails as well as sipping them on their own.

Great to be here!