Hello Everyone,

I've been a lurker on the site for a couple of weeks now and figured it was about time to introduce myself. I've been having a great time going through all the different old threads and can't believe how many new things I have already learned.

Bourbon has been my drink of choice since first coming to Cincinnati for college. Of course, like most college age kids, I really just started out drinking Beam, EW or MM with mixers and taking shots because it was a "man's drink." Finally, over the last several years, I've really started to appreciate good bourbon and begun to branch out and try new things (neat or with a splash of water now, in case you were worried). I typically drink ER10, Woodford and BT these days. I've been tasting my way through TPS FR SB selections since one of my friends introduced me to them last year and I think these are becoming my new favorites. I was also able to pick up a few of the 2012 FR LE SmB recently, and I can safely say this is the best bourbon I have yet to taste.

i look forward to getting to know more of you and learning more about everything that is out there. I think just reading through some of SB has already made my bourbon experience much better.

Any recommendations on some of the other bourbons I should try would be great. It seems that living right across the river from NKY has some great advantages for the bourbon drinker and helpful info on places I should go would be appreciated as well.