Hello everyone... I stumbled on this site a week ago and really enjoy all the information you guys offer.

I have been a whiskey/ bourbon drinker for a few years now and looking to expand my collection. Iowa is a little lacking on what they offer, unless the store special orders it, so I mostly have to order online and asking my local store to get new bottles.

Ofcourse I love old rip 12 lot B and recently found WL Wellers 12 at my local store, special order so I stocked up. I also enjoy High west 16, Hudson rye, eagle rare 10, colonel eh Taylor straight rye, and the Hudson four grain. Being from Iowa I liked Templton rye before it was popular but it definitely has changed in the last year and now I can't drink it, they even quit putting the barrel and batch numbers on the bottles. Any recommendations would be appreciated!

I am also a big fan of Rocky Patel cigars especially the 1992, fifty's, and the new Burns.