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Can you post some tasting notes? Folks who love the same ryes I do heartily recommend it, but, man, is it expensive.

I'll give it a shot .. but I gotta tell you .. we just went at it and racked up "Bad Santa" and spent damn little time talking about it other than .. "damn, this is good!" As Billy Bob Thornton was crawling up to the kid's doorstep with the stuffed elephant and the movie credits started rolling .. we were finished with the bottle. I noted that it was so velvety sweet with dominant vanilla .. a nose that matched the liquor .. and little to no front heat. Actually .. no heat .. too easy to drink. We had it on ice .. and at one point I commented that .. blind .. I might not identify it as rye .. but more pappylike. I know that's not much .. so I should save that one remaining shot for tasting as the entire remainder of the bottle was wasted (not) drinking! You are right about the cost .. I paid $70+ for the 375 last April. Broken down in cost per drink .. a bargain.
Hah, that's awesome! I love that movie. My brother was wondering at one point in the middle of the movie, when he tried to steal something and ended up passing out drunk, what the plot was. I think that his drinking IS the plot, and everything that happens in the movie is sort of incidental to that. The ending you mentioned is hysterical, playing up the typical scenes in movies of selfless martyrs. It's just the best.

Oh, and the rye sounds phenomenal - thanks for the notes! I already spent my Xmas money but hopefully there will be some around during my birthday fiscal bloodletting