Got home last night and reached towards the back of the shelf and found an Old Commonwealth 80 proof. I believe this came out of a decanter with Julian Van Winkle's name on it. No idea when it's from (maybe late 70s). Such a unique bourbon. Lots of flavor for 80 proof, and the aroma is just fantastic fruitiness. I have no idea where this bourbon was made, nor how old it is, but it's a good one for sure.

Nose - Tons of fruit. Juicy fruit gum. Some oak, but not much.
Taste - Slightly thin at 80 proof. Sweet, with hints of pear.
Finish - A little short, but pleasingly sweet and fruity.

This one is just great for it's uniqueness. I could not compare it to anything else. In that respect, it gets an 87 out of me.