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Just paid $10 for a pour of Larceny. Should have asked first. Mental note to never order liquor at The Union in Encinitas.
wow. Could have purchased a 750 for almost $10 after the rebate. I would have been tempted to find out who sets prices and punch them in the block and tackle.

Back on topic: I got to try some Jack Daniels unaged rye earlier. Probably the most awful unaged whisky i've ever tried. First time I've ever had unaged rye, so that may be part of it. However, i'm used to the family recipe, and its variations, so i've got plenty of experience with unaged whisky. I don't know if it was just becasue it was rye and all rye is terrible with no age, or if JD kicked it up a notch in the pantheon of terribad whisky.