I've had a good night. Started with a very small taste of a sample - Wiser's Very Old, an 8 year old, 80 proof Canadian distilled in the '70's. Very smooth, rather sweet, with a slightly spicy finish. Moved on to ERSB, then decided to revisit my JPS18, which has now been open a couple of months. What a huge improvement. It's no longer one-dimensional (wood). The nose is caramel, the taste is sweet (where it was dry) and toffee and just the right amount of wood for balance. The finish is long, and sometimes a bit hot, but not on every sip.

It's probably fair to say that this is now one of the most interesting bourbons I've had, which is a 180 degree turnaround from where I was when I opened the bottle. It's a night and day difference. I may actually have to go pick up the bottle of batch #6 that is available locally.