I think I understand a little of how it works.

1) For the "Rick No." there is a choice of "L" or "R." I presume this is for Left or Right. But does it signify where within the warehouse (right-side, left-side)? Or is there a left side and a right side of the Jack Daniel's campus? And in total how many warehouses are there on the campus?

2) For the barrel numbering, the first digits signify they year the barrel was taken and bottled. Do the second set of numbers mean it is the XXXXth barrel used in that year for the Single Barrel expression? Or something else? Because if they were numbering the barrels as they go in, I would imagine some much higher numbers.

And then for the bonus question: Does anyone know what the internal numbering system Brown-Forman uses to keep track of their barrels?

Thank you all very much in advance.