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It's worth noting that the whiskey in the bottles available now was likely not distilled in Breckenridge. I do have to say that the one time I've tried it, it did strike me as a good bourbon that is probably worth the $35 it costs in Colorado.
Everything I've read suggests very much that the Breck on the shelves today was NOT distilled there. Which I could care less about, given that I like it a lot. However, it got me wondering 'how much will this change when their own white dog goes into the barrels?', which led me to 'how much of this do I need to bunker in case I don't like it when the change comes?' So, I called the distillery. Didn't get to talk to the master distiller, but the gal I talked to was really sweet, and said she'd go present my questions directly to him. About an hour later, the phone rang, and she said she'd spoken to the man, and nothing will change before summer of 2013. She also said "he asked me to tell you that you will not be able to tell the difference when we move to our own juice". So I'm really hoping he's right.