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Ack, just remembered, the one I was referring to was Very Rare Old Heaven Hill, 10 years old, 100 proof. Buff colored label, I believe it was HH's highest end expression 20 years ago. I used to travel through Bardstown once a year and would pick up a case of this along with a few others.

Last time I was in Bardstown they still had the brand at Toddy's but the age statement was 8 years and the proof had dropped to 86. I believe the brand is now discontinued.
That VROHH 10 yr 100pr was a stunningly fantastic whiskey. If I remember correctly, it was like $13, or so. When the word hit SB that it was being discontinued ('06ish-'07ish, maybe?), it was right before KBF which I was going to, so I planned on picking up several cases. But, they were all gone by the time I got there.

Drowning my sorrows at the Gazebo Table later that night was a pick-me-upper, though.