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Went to my local today, and picked up 4 different Julio's Loch & K(e)y society private selections: ETL, 1792, ERSB, and HM BiB. Pretty excited to crack these and see how they stack up to the standard distillery releases.
Late catching up this thread..

The L&K crew really knows how to pick them. I went to Go Whisk(e)y Weekend at Julio's and managed to pick up quite a few bottles before it was all over. I did some serious tasting and took notes, ranked everything and after the smoke cleared the majority of what I purchased were L&K barrel selections. I think I brought home 2 bottles of "regular" stuff.

As a side note, if you are a regular there, I hope you got a Dram Card. It'll help you get the limited release stuff, those with full dram cards get theirs before any "lottery" people.