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This is my favorite everyday beer. Great on its own, great with food; I feel very privileged to have regular access to this stuff fresh. I just recently tried what many consider its equal, if not superior, Pliny the Elder. I love it! It tastes a bit bigger than the ZD, and while the hops are perhaps just as present, they aren't quite as direct as the single hop strain used in the ZD. If I lived on the West Coast, I'd drink Pliny all the time, but being that I'm a Chicagoan with a soft spot for the FFF house profile, I'm more than happy to keep my ZD.
Totally agree about ZD. I always try to keep some in the fridge. Never tried Pliny the Elder before but I'll have to look for some the next time I'm out west. If you're looking for another great similarly hoppy beer check out Anderson Valley Heelch O Hops. It's available at a couple places around Chicago.