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Binny's had bombers of the Hop Henge Experimental, a very nice IIPA. So far I've enjoyed that as well as Mirror Pond (nice enough, but not wowed -- I've become a hop head!), Chainbreaker White IPA (more of a weiss than an IPA to me; pretty tasty) and the Red Chair NWPA, a seasonal APA that hit all of the right notes.
I know what you mean about becoming a hop head. I generally seek out the bolder hopped beers too but it's nice to see that Deschutes didn't follow the American trend of turning all pale ales into IPA's. My initial reaction to Mirror Pond was slight disappointment because my expectation was that it would have a more pronounced hop influence. But as I drank it down I really started to warm up to it and by the end of two bottles I was really impressed. I passed on the Chainbreaker because I feared it would be more of a weiss as you confirmed. (Not that I don't enjoy weissbier but that's more of a summer drink for me.) I regret not getting the Red Chair NWPA but will do so next time. Any sign of their ESB or IPA?