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For the life of me, I can't understand why my friends and I haven't made the Michigan microbrewery pilgrimage, given how relatively close Bells and a few others are. And now the same can be said for Three Floyds too. One cool thing we're planning on doing soon is heading out to the Roundhouse to drink some Two Brothers, as the train is a block and a half from my house and deposits you right at the brewpub. Not bad, eh?
Hop Juice Festival is coming up in June -- fine time at the Roundhouse. (Okay, the Roundhouse parking lot, unless you buy the VIP package, which gets you inside the Roundhouse on this day of days.) Lots of great guest kegs in addition to the 2Bros product. Now if only Solemn Oath were train accessible, you'd have a nice double-dip opportunity.

It's awesome living close to a commuter line -- that was actually one of the top factors that drove our home-buying decision, as easy access to downtown Chicago means we only need one car.