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I had my neighbor beer/bourbon buddy and his family over for dinner last night...we started with Pliny the Elder, 3 Floyd's Broo Doo, and Zombie Dust. The Broo Doo has been in the refridgerator since the end of Oct and it definitely was past it's prime...the nose was flat where is used to be filled with tropical fruit...lesson, drink them fresh! In light of this I'm on a IPA buying freeze as I have about 20 bombers and a couple cases of IPA/DIPA's that need to be consumed!
I guess I'm a beer nerd. I drink all IPAs/DIPAs within a week. I buy those on an as needed basis. I also only buy those types of beer when I know the bottling dates on them. If they were bottled more than a month ago or are unknown I don't buy them. Hold the bottle up to a light bulb before drinking. When they go south they start to look like a snowglobe. The hop proteins start to separate out and you see shit suspended in the liquid. A reputable store with a good beer guy is always helpful with this matter. Good stores mark down IPAs when they get close to that point so that some sucker doesn't get duped. I've seen 4 year old IPAs out on shelves. I feel sorry for whoever drinks those.