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I guess thats why I am such a big fan of Against the Grain since they rarely brew the same beer twice. They stay within some set "styles" (Session, malt, hop, dark, smoke plus whim and experimental). There are some places that get quite gimmicky and call it innovation (Dogfish Im looking at you)..
There seem to be two competing mindsets among beer enthusiasts. There's a camp that has an idealized version of a particular beer style in mind and then judges a specific beer according to how well it matches the criteria for this style. And there's another that's more interested in just how far off the range a brewery can take a beer -- not necessarily through gimmickry, though there's certainly some of that, but just through using particular hop and malt varieties in different proportions to head toward "extreme" territory.

The former seems to me more about craft (trying to "nail" a particular style) while the ladder seems more about art (going off into some interesting and, yes, potentially offputting places). I certainly appreciate the craft, but I'm definitely more intrigued by the art.