No reason for the whiskey writers to have all the fun. Here is my winner for "Whiskey of the Year" for 2012, as well as other awards:

Bourbon of the Year: 2012 Parker's Heritage 6th Release
--Stunningly delicious whiskey, that now represents the greatest whiskey I have ever had.
Runner up: CEHT "Tornado".

Best New Standard Release Bottling: Larceny by HH
--Wonderful addition to a lean wheater line-up. Well priced, amply available, and delightfully drinkable.

Best Distillery: Heaven Hill
--These guys are hittin' on all cylinders, and continually offer high quality products at reasonable prices. With the PHC and Larceny offerings, they won by a nose over BT, in my book.

Best Foreign Whiskey: Redbreast 12 yr. Cask Strength
--The best whiskey I tasted in 2012, after the PHC.

So, these are my choices. Let's hear yours.