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Retail Bourbon of the Year: PHC 2012 mislabelled 127 proof bottling.

Runner Ups and not by much: WLW '12, FR Limited Edition Small Batch, Knob Creek Reserve SB-Binny's Barrel 153, PVW 15 '12 release .

Distillery of the Year: Four Roses...more incredible considering the short time they've been back and best private barrel bourbons of the year.

Runner Up: Buffalo Trace...Pricing and NAS are drawbacks but OWA still on private barrel program make up for those sins.

The Best Lets Keep it "Shh" Bourbon: OGD 114.

The Biggest Wish: Another wheater anything close to the PHC wheater release.

The Biggest Continuing Disappointment: Wild Turkey.

The Most Trustworthy and Forthcoming Guy in the Biz: Jim Rutledge

Best Dusty: Smokinjoe's Fairfax County BIB.

Foreign Whisky: Anything Lost Pollito or Brophmonster pour me from Binny's barrel picks or Redbreast Cask[B].
I agree with just about everything except bourbon of the year. I have to go with FR LE SmB. The PHC 6th didn't do it for me and I've loved the previous 5 offerings. Something about it just didn't quite hit the right notes to me...perhaps I just had it on an off night.

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