New thread although this may be a natural follow-on to: K&L Fear Tactics?

K&L Awards 2012: Whisk(e)y of the Year: "We have not yet released this whisky. It will be available this weekend and we will have roughly 500 bottles of it - all available at K&L only."

Ok, even I have to say it. There is such a huge conflict of interest here.

Two Davids, this is not an attack on you or K&L (as I'm a fan) and I completely recognize that it may very well be the best whiskey you tasted all year, BUT I think there should be a clearer separation of the "Store" from the "Blog." Otherwise you risk a certain loss of reputation/legitimacy from readers. Similar to the separation of the Equity Research/Banking/Sales&Trading areas within a major bank, it is not simply improprieties that are important to control but also the appearance of improprieties.