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I wonder if that would be a case where if you were a good customer of the guy, and you mentioned your surprise at the increase, if he would then sell it to you at the original price. If you're just a Schmo off the street, you're paying the higher price. However, if when you made mention of the increase and your repeat buys, and he didn't do anything then...then he probably doesn't get my future biz. Or, he better give me a good story.

BTW, I have no problem with retailers raising prices from the original stickers on select items. Just like I don't have problems when they lower them.
It did cross my mind as I'm a pretty regular & known customer of this establishment. I guess I've been sitting on the fence so long, it just didn't cross my mind while there. I was a bit taken aback as well as slightly amused since he's been sitting on 40-50 shelf bottles for a while now. If they didn't move at $49, I can't see them running out the door at $59...lol. Maybe he figures once people realize this is the last EC18, folks will be happy to pay $59 as opposed to $145 for its replacement... & $400-500 more profit. As slow as EC moves in these parts, I just can't see it happening though.